Nika Vrai

The privilege of not giving a f*@%

Veronica Mendoza
The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are
— Joseph Campbell

Can the secret to being who you are be not giving a fuck? When you remove the fear of being judged, you are free to explore your curiosity. The people I admire are complex, they explore different mediums, characters, business opportunities, they don't worry if what they are doing is part of their niche. The don't listen to the "gurus" that say "it's better to speak to one person than to speak to all of them."

What if by sharing all my interests, I am speaking to one person? One person who, like me, isn't boxed in by a niche. Someone who wants to delve into all their curiosities. They relate because it is all part of one human experience, expressed through my view.

Exploring all my curiosities is my first step to not giving a fuck. This blog is about everything and nothing. For those of you that get it, that are complex, who love too many things, welcome I can’t wait to meet you. For the haters that feel I should focus on one niche, cheers to you and me not giving a fuck.