Nika Vrai

Miss P

PortraitsVeronica Mendoza

I love when a women comes for a shoot and is so comfortable in her skin and unabashed by nudity. I work with women of all ages and the most confident are usually those older than I. When I ask them how they became so confident, how they became comfortable, they all have the same answer "I just stopped caring."

What are you afraid of?

MusingsVeronica Mendoza

A few weeks ago my love asked me "what are you afraid of." I am an anxiety ridden person, so I can list a huge number of things, but I knew what he was really asking. He was asking why I wasn't putting myself, my work, my message out into the world, even though that is what my soul is desiring most.

Miss B

PortraitsVeronica Mendoza

She did a great job ensuring that I felt comfortable enough in each of the positions shot. The final product - both photos and printed photo book - turned out wonderful, and I would love to work with her again (maybe do a 5-year anniversary gift for the hubby). :-)

Miss C

PortraitsVeronica Mendoza

I am not one that is comfortable with my body let alone having someone photograph me wearing very little, but she had such a calming and comforting presence that made it super easy and natural to be photographed.