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I have known Miss S for a few months now. She is a kind and supportive friend, one of the things I love about her is her confidence. She has a way of making you feel welcomed, while claiming her place in the room, something I feel many women have a hard time achieving.  

I asked her about her confidence and how it played into her sensuality. I asked if she'd always felt confident and sensual. She explained that she only recently started to embrace her sensuality, and it started after her father's passing. Being the oldest, her father had always expected her to be a good role model to her siblings, and since she is a woman, this meant not being "sexy." So when he passed, she finally felt free to embrace this part of her. Now, she doesn't think too much about what others think of her, and she feels freer than she had in a long time.

We spent the rest of our lunch together talking about how younger women are highly concerned with the opinions of others and how at some point many women just stop caring. A reoccurring theme I am discovering from my friends in the 40+ age range. I would love to discover their secret and share it with the young women that I meet that are struggling to live fiercely uninhibited.

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Here is what Miss S had to say after her session...

l loved how my photos turned out. They are beautiful! They made me feel beautiful. I did not expect to experience the feeling of owning and accepting my body image. It feels really good to accept and fall in love with my body with all it's blemishes and imperfections just as they are. It's all good, it's all mine. Veronica is such a pleasure to work with. She is easy going and patient. She is professional and personal all at the same time. She helps you feel comfortable in a very vulnerable and personal experience.